CPM Teacher Conferences

2019 CPM Teacher Conference

February 22 & 24, 2019
San Francisco, California

Space is limited. Registration will remain open until February 10, 2019 or until sold out.

From an inspiring keynote address to interactive sessions, this conference will offer you ideas and strategies to take back to the classroom and use right away. You will experience two days of sessions led by CPM authors, teachers, administrators, teacher leaders, and others who will share their experience and expertise, providing insights into best practices in teaching mathematics.

2019 KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Dr. Christopher Danielson

Dr. Danielson leads the activity development for CPM 's Core Connections, Course 1, Core Connections, Course 2 and Core Connections, Course 3 eBooks. He has taught math to learners of all ages, and now uses his PhD in mathematics education to create books and toys to support children's math learning.

Dr. Danielson is a recipient of the Mathical Book Prize and the Roueche Award for Teaching Excellence. He is the developer of Math-On-A-Stick, an annual family math event at the Minnesota State Fair. He is the author of Which One Doesn't Belong?, How Many?, and Common Core Math for Parents for Dummies.


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