Accelerated Pathways

Accelerated Pathway
    The Accelerated Pathway distributes the acceleration over grades 6 & 7. This plan offers the most flexibility and ease for students to opt in or out of acceleration with respect to the content and cognitive demand of these courses. If the pace is too demanding in the 6th grade, students can resume a regular 7th grade course with a head start. Students complete Core Connections, Course 1 and half of Core Connections, Course 2 in 6th grade, then complete Core Connections, Course 2 and all of Core Connections, Course 3 in 7th grade. They take Core Connections Algebra or Core Connections Integrated I in 8th grade. This pathway also allows for students to begin acceleration in 7th grade. If students opt in at 7th grade, it will be easier for them to catch up on the content from the first part of Core Connections, Course 2.

Compressed Pathway
    The compressed accelerated pathway begins in the 7th grade year and follows the plan for compressed acceleration presented in CCSS's Appendix A. Students complete almost all of Core Connections, Course 2 and Core Connections, Course 3 in 7th grade, then use Core Connections Algebra or Integrated I in 8th grade along with a few topics from Core Connections, Course 3.