CPM Precalculus courses are designed as the fourth course in a five-year sequence of college preparatory mathematics for high school students.

CPM Precalculus 2nd Edition covers all of the key concepts found in traditional trigonometry, precalculus, or math analysis courses, it emphasizes several big ideas that form a foundation for calculus and other college mathematics curricula.
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CPM Precalculus 3rd Edition is designed similarly to the CPM Core Connections courses and meets all of the standards for a Common Core fourth year high school math course, and includes an introduction to calculus with functions, graphs, limits, area under a curve, and rates of change. Careful consideration was given to the sequencing of the concepts in the course to allow for mastery over time while meeting the content standards of a fourth year course. The book is designed to allow teachers to choose topics that fit the needs of their students. The book can be used as a general fourth year math course or it can be used as a preparation for calculus course, depending on the topics that are chosen. Please note that the Precalculus 3rd Edition is not compatible with the current 2nd Edition for use side-by-side in a classroom.
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